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Implantar soluções integradas de tecnologia da informação e desenvolver projetos customizados ao perfil e necessidades de cada cliente: esta é a especialidade da NetService.

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Case: NetService implements a wireless network in SES units in the country side of Minas Gerais

Case: NetService implements a wireless network in SES units in the country side of Minas Gerais

One of the main attractions of NetService in the Information Technology market is its capability to integrate engineering and technology solutions, offering an end-to-end IT project to its customers. As the Secretariat of Health (SES) was seeking to have this benefit, it selected NetService to implement a wireless network in some of its units in the country side of Minas Gerais.

From May 14 to June 10, the company implemented a wireless network at the units in Uberaba, Uberlândia, Montes Claros, Governador Valadares, Alfenas and Varginha, ensuring mobility, agility and safety to those working in these places. Engineering and technology solutions were used in the project.

“Some units had no wireless network, and the ones that existed were really precarious. We implemented the whole structure for the network optimization using CISCO equipment”, says Leandro Lopes, Information Technology coordinator. In the planning phase, NetService representatives visited the customer to learn about their needs and then propose the best solutions. The project implementation sequence was determined according to the customer’s urgency. In the first project phase, a switch was installed in every unit and, in total, 84 access points. To feed them, the engineering team was engaged to install the data cables. In four weeks, the network was already active and in operation.

“The result was satisfactory and according to the planned standard of quality and implementation time. Our end users are very satisfied”, says Marcos Milagres, the IT analyst of the SES in charge of the project.

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