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Implantar soluções integradas de tecnologia da informação e desenvolver projetos customizados ao perfil e necessidades de cada cliente: esta é a especialidade da NetService.

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Event held by NetService mobilizes education professionals from Espírito Santo

Event held by NetService mobilizes education professionals from Espírito Santo

With a growing number of Communications tools and access to information, there is more and more interest by students and the academic public in new forms of learning and education. With the objective of presenting Technology solutions especially developed to serve this market, NetService held the event “Technology and Education – solutions for new challenges” event, held in Vitória on August 2.

The action gathered representatives from the main education institutions in Espírito Santo who watched the lectures “Advanced Technologies for a new education”, given by the Cisco vertical solutions architect, Daniel Vicentini, and “Metasys Solutions for digital schools”, given by Metasys product manager, Rubens José da Silva Júnior. Together, the NetService partners introduced a broad range of solutions capable of meeting the main current demands in the education market.

The theme and content of the event impressed the guests, who were satisfied with NetService’s dedication to education. “This event corroborated the responsibility and commitment NetService has in searching for a truly better world. Investing in education and creating a specific event for this theme is a clear example of that. The company also proved to be very smart by seeking partners that in a complete manner deliver a solution capable of improving the quality of public education,” says the information technology manager at the State Secretary of Education of Espírito Santo, Genilson Gomes Corradi. Through the event, new business opportunities were raised for new and current clients.

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