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NetService receives license to provide Multimedia Communication Services

NetService receives license to provide Multimedia Communication Services

NetService received on October 29 the license that allows to provide Multimedia Communication Services (MCS) from Anatel. With this achievement, the company has now the right to provide services of multimedia information (data, voice and image) transmission, issue and reception, by any means, to subscribers throughout the national territory.

The company’s interest in this license came from the great demand, especially in public bids, for this type of service. Before, NetService could not participate in the bid for link access provision, but now this service is part of the company’s portfolio, which, more than ever before, can deliver end-to-end solutions to its customers.

“We already have the expertise to build the infrastructure for this type of service, such as optical fiber networks and wireless networks. Now, customers can choose to buy NetService infrastructure or just rend a specific data circuit, for instance”, explains Reginaldo Gonçalves, the Planning and Control Manager. “The greatest benefit of this license is that we can add more value to our portfolio. We are an engineering and technology company, and now we can offer this value-added service besides what we used to offer. Then, new work fronts may come from that”, says Reginaldo.

See the services NetService can offer with the new license:

• Rental of data circuits (TDM) or virtual circuits in packet networks (ATM, FR, X.25, etc.) to be used by other operators or corporate networks;
• Data network services for the corporate market;
• Internet access circuit, such as the ADSL offered by fixed telephony operators (Velox, BrTurbo, Speedy), by cable TV operators, or for radio access (wireless);
• Voice over IP (VoIP).

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