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Implantar soluções integradas de tecnologia da informação e desenvolver projetos customizados ao perfil e necessidades de cada cliente: esta é a especialidade da NetService.

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New clients and contracts

New clients and contracts

Banco Mercantil do Brasil is an important name in NetService’s client portfolio. In July, the client invested in contracting the Information Security solution based on updating its wireless network.

The initiative will permit the bank to increase its data transmission performance from 54 Mbps to 300 Mbps by updating its technological park to the N standard. It will also guarantee greater security to the client’s network by correcting bugs in the previous version. The job will last 36 months and it is in the site survey phase for adjusting antennae and updating software.

In August, SESC/MG purchased 79 Cisco 2960 switches from NetService as part of an update project for edge equipment at its headquarters and regional offices. With this action, the client will have new and up-to-date equipment, with great reliability and performance. This will improve speed and guarantee good information flow on its network.

Loja Elétrica.

Loja Elétrica is investing in the expansion of its Beltway unit. With the objective of expanding storage and distribution capacity, it is building a warehouse attached to its headquarters. This required refitting its network in order to extend it to the new area of the company. It hired NetService to execute the project, which involves the acquisition of Cisco switches, controllers and Aps, as well as installing assets and conducting tests, leaving the solution 100% operational. The project is in the initial testing phase for installation. The contract also involves the installation of a Wi-Fi system in the new warehouse and at the Sion unit.

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