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Implantar soluções integradas de tecnologia da informação e desenvolver projetos customizados ao perfil e necessidades de cada cliente: esta é a especialidade da NetService.

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Top Engineering Award honors NetService

Top Engineering Award honors NetService

For the third consecutive year, NetService won the Top Engineering Award. In a ceremony held on September 27, at the Minas Tênis Clube II, in Belo Horizonte, the company was honored with the trophy in the Control/Automation/Computer (Software/Networks/Telecom) Engineering category for its contribution to area development in Brazil, and especially Minas Gerais.

Product development manager, Anderson Barbosa, was the NetService representative at the event and received the compliments on behalf of the company. “It is very gratifying to know we are indeed contributing towards the enrichment of engineering in Brazil. It is an area of extreme importance for our business and being among the sector’s main companies is tremendous recognition of the work we do,” he says.
The Top Engineering Award is an initiative of the Engineering Memory Center and the Association of UFMG School of Engineering Alumni (AEAEE-UFMG). It was created with the objective of recognizing personalities and companies that have contributed towards the development of engineering, in the corporate and the knowledge area, teaching and culture. The winning institutions were chosen through a survey that heard engineers associated with AEAEE- UFMG who are active in the area, stakeholders and market leading company directors, as well as opinion formers. They opined on the best suppliers from the diverse sectors of engineering, considering factors like market expression, specialization and quality of goods, products and services, among others.

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